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Image File Processor for .NET

Create and edit images, then save the result in a variety of formats, including TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, EMF and GIF.

Aspose.Words Image File Processor for .NET

The Aspose.Words Processor of Image Files for .NET stands out as a dedicated document editing tool crafted for image file formats. It empowers users to effortlessly load or generate TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, EMF, or GIF files and subsequently apply a myriad of modifications. Whether it’s enhancing, resizing, or adding elements, this processor provides versatile options for refining images. Once the desired changes are complete, users can seamlessly save the edited file in its original format, ensuring a streamlined and efficient image processing workflow.

How to Create Chart Image via .NET?

  • Reference Aspose.Words in your project
  • Set your license keys
  • Create instance of Document class
  • Create an instance of DocumentBuilder class, and pass object of Document class to the constructor
  • Use DocumentBuilder.InsertChart to create a chart
  • Access newly created chart using Shape.Chart property to set title & series
  • Call Document.Save method to save the chart in any of the image formats

Get Image File Processor for .NET

Get the respective assembly files from the downloads or fetch the package from NuGet to add Aspose.Words directly in your workspace.

  • Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, or mobile OS with .NET framework, Mono, or .NET Core installed
  • Development environment - Microsoft Visual Studio 2010-2022, Xamarin, or MonoDevelop 2.4+

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aspose.Words Image File Processor for .NET?

Aspose.Words Image File Processor for .NET is a specialized document editing tool designed to handle various image file formats. It allows users to create, edit, and save image files in formats.

What file formats are supported for loading and saving in the Processor of Image Files for .NET?

Supported file formats include TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, EMF, and GIF. Users can load files in these formats and save them in the same format.

What features does the Image File Processor offer?

The key features include loading existing documents or creating new ones, customizing color rendering, choosing rendering options for effects and shapes, setting resolution, brightness, and contrast, adjusting image size and zoom factor, and choosing compression type and image quality.

What advantages does Aspose.Words Processor of Image Files provide?

Aspose.Words Processor of Image Files for .NET offers users the ability to integrate Aspose.Words into their product for image processing without relying on third-party applications. It also allows for flexible editing of document content and provides access to multiple levels of technical support from experienced Aspose.Words developers.

Can I integrate Aspose.Words Image Processor for .NET into my product?

Yes, Aspose.Words Image Processor for .NET can be seamlessly integrated into your product, allowing you to work with various formats without relying on third-party applications.

Where can I find more examples and resources?

Visit the Aspose.Words GitHub repository for complete examples and data files.

In which industries is Aspose.Words Image Processor for .NET applied?

This processor finds extensive applications in various industries, including software or hardware development, media and entertainment, retail, enterprise management, medical and pharmaceutical sectors, banking, automotive industry, aviation, and logistics and delivery.


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