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Join Multiple Documents Programmatically

Join multiple separate documents together into a single file.

Aspose.Words Document Merger for .NET

Aspose.Words Document Merger for .NET introduces a unique capability for seamlessly merging documents programmatically. This innovative feature enables users to effortlessly combine two separate documents into a unified whole, eliminating the need for manual copying and style configuration.

How to Merge Documents via .NET?

  • Reference Aspose.Words in your project
  • Set your license keys
  • Call Merger.Merge method with following parameters
    • List of files to be merged
    • Output file format
    • Settings to preserve formatting

Get Document Merger for .NET

Get the respective assembly files from the downloads or fetch the package from NuGet to add Aspose.Words directly in your workspace.

  • Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, or mobile OS with .NET framework, Mono, or .NET Core installed
  • Development environment - Microsoft Visual Studio 2010-2022, Xamarin, or MonoDevelop 2.4+

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Aspose.Words Document Merger for .NET differ from other Processor plugins?

As a unique addition to our Processor plugins, the Document Merger for .NET enables the joining of documents loaded in the format of the selected plugin. Users can merge documents and save the result in the same load format.

In which industries is Aspose.Words Document Merger for .NET commonly used?

Aspose.Words Document Merger for .NET finds widespread application in various industries, including software development, retail, healthcare, banking, enterprise management, automotive, aviation, logistics, mining, and the media and entertainment sector.


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