.NET Solution for Word & OpenOffice Documents

Create, edit, render and convert Word, OpenOffice, PDF, XML, CHM, PostScript documents, and eBook files to multiple formats

Aspose.Words for .NET is a versatile library that simplifies document tasks. It enables developers to effortlessly manage Word, PDF, and web documents without requiring Microsoft Word installation. Using the Document Object Model (DOM), the library grants direct access to a document’s structure, allowing precise control over formatting, layout, and content. This native .NET API serves as a reliable solution for automating document-related processes, minimizing errors, and enhancing efficiency. Users can create, edit, render, and convert Word documents to multiple formats seamlessly, all while generating reports for effective data visualization.

Aspose.Words Plugins for .NET

Word Processor for .NET

Create, load, modify and save Word documents in DOC, DOCX, RTF, DOT, DOTX, DOTM, DOCM, FlatOPC, FlatOpcMacroEnabled, FlatOpcTemplate, FlatOpcTemplateMacroEnabled and WordML formats.

ODT File Processor for .NET

The .NET ODT File Processor is a versatile tool for easy editing of Open Document Format (ODT) files, simplifying tasks like creation, loading, and editing, with support for various operations.

eBook File Processor for .NET

The eBook File Processor for .NET is a versatile tool designed for easy editing of e-book files in EPUB, MOBI, and AZW3 formats. It simplifies tasks like creating, loading, and editing, with support for various operations.

CHM File Processor for .NET

Create, load, and edit CHM files. Since Aspose.Words does not support saving in the CHM format, this plugin is used only with the Converter plugin and the plugin for working with the desired export format.

Markdown File Processor for .NET

The Markdown File Processor for .NET is a sophisticated tool tailored for editing Markdown (MD) file formats. It allows effortless loading or creation of MD documents, making modifications, and saving the final result in MD format.

Text File Processor for .NET

The Text File Processor for .NET is a specialized tool designed for editing TXT file formats. It enables users to easily load existing TXT documents or create new ones, make modifications, and save the final result in TXT format.

PDF File Processor for .NET

The .NET PDF File Processor edits PDFs, supports existing files and new document creation. It includes text replacement, bookmark manipulation, and editing tables, lists, paragraphs, images, and charts.

PostScript File Processor for .NET

Create, modify, and save documents in PS or PCL formats. Since Aspose.Words does not support loading documents in PS and PCL formats, this plugin is used only with the Converter plugin and the plugin to work with the desired import format.

SVG File Processor for .NET

Create, edit, and save SVG files. Since Aspose.Words does not support loading documents in the SVG format, this plugin is used only with the Converter plugin and the plugin to work with the desired import format.

Web File Processor for .NET

The .NET Web File Processor is a sophisticated tool for precise web document editing, allowing seamless loading, editing, and saving in HTML and MHTML formats. With diverse editing features, users can create, modify, and save web documents.

XLSX File Processor for .NET

The .NET XLSX File Processor by Aspose.Words facilitates easy creation, editing, and saving of XLSX documents from within any type of .NET applications.

XML File Processor for .NET

Create, load, edit and save markup language files. This Processor supports loading XML files and saving them in XPS, XamlFixed, OpenXps, XamlFlow, and XamlFlowPack formats.

Image File Processor for .NET

Create and edit images, then save the result in a variety of formats, including TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, EMF and GIF.

Document Comparer for .NET

Compare two documents. The differences found will be added as revisions into the first document.

Document Converter for .NET

Convert your documents from one format to another: Word to PDF, HTML to PDF, OpenOffice to Markdown, PDF to JPG or PNG, and many others.

Document Printer for .NET

The Document Printer for .NET plugin enables developers to print documents or pages programmatically using a standard print controller, integrating with other Aspose.Words plugins.

Document Watermark for .NET

Aspose.Words Watermark for .NET plugin facilitates developers in adding and removing watermarks in documents for protection. It supports various file formats, allowing users to safeguard documents within any .NET application.

Document Merger for .NET

The Document Merger for .NET plugin allows programmable merging of multiple documents into a single file. It eliminates the need for manual copying and style configuration, providing an innovative solution for joining separate documents.

LINQ Reporting Engine for .NET

Build reports using rich template syntax based on plain-text tags and the LINQ Reporting Engine. With LINQ you can exacute a range of filtering, grouping and ordering operations on data from various sources.

Mail Merge for .NET

Generate documents using Mail Merge template syntax. With this method, you can quickly create a general template for your documents (emails, envelopes, directories, labels and more) and personalize it to each recipient.

Document Splitter for .NET

The Document Splitter for .NET simplifies the process of programmatically splitting documents into individual pages, allowing the easy extraction of each page from a multi-page document without manual intervention.


Open and edit existing documents

Create new documents from scratch

Extract data from documents

Convert documents to various formats

Modify document layout

Search and replace text using RegEx

Access and manipulate table data

Customize document appearance

Insert and manipulate images and charts

Password-protect and encrypt documents

Generate reports and use Mail Merge feature

Generate reports and use LINQ Reporting

Add security measures to documents

Compare documents and track changes

Archive documents for long-term storage

Edit Existing Documents: File or Stream Loading

Aspose.Words for .NET facilitates easy opening of existing documents in various formats, allowing customization through file name specification or stream object utilization. This versatile approach enables seamless tailoring of content and appearance to meet specific requirements and preferences.

Document Building & Customization

Aspose.Words for .NET simplifies dynamic document creation from scratch by providing methods to insert diverse elements like text, checkboxes, OLE objects, paragraphs, lists, tables, images, and more. Users can easily specify fonts, paragraph or section formatting, and perform various operations with ease.

Document Conversion in 2 Simple Steps

As a key feature, Aspose.Words for .NET prioritizes simple document conversion, achieved through the uncomplicated process of loading and saving operations. This involves using the LoadFormat enumeration for supported load formats and the SaveFormat enumeration for export formats.


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