.NET Microsoft® Project File Processing Plugins

Create, read, write, manipulate, and export Microsoft Project documents into various formats

Aspose.Tasks for .NET is a powerful API that handles Microsoft Project files effectively. It supports creating, reading, writing, manipulating, and exporting files to different formats. The API offers features like customized project properties, resource assignments, and work breakdown structures. It’s a versatile tool for project management with capabilities for critical path calculation, scheduling, and budget assessment. Aspose.Tasks also supports HTML export and works across different languages through COM interoperability. It provides a free MS Project Viewer, supports various file conversions, and comes with comprehensive documentation and support resources.

Aspose.Tasks Plugins for .NET

Project to PDF Converter for .NET

A .NET plugin for converting Microsoft Project MPP files to PDF effortlessly with no dependency over MS Project application


Create MS Project and Oracle Primavera files from scratch

Read and write password protected MS Project files

Export project to other formats with highly customizable Gantt Chart

Render MS Project and Oracle Primavera files to HTML

Sort projects by names, dates, durations and by many other fields

Convert Microsoft Project files to images and various formats like PDF and HTML

Handle Microsoft Project Files

Aspose.Tasks for .NET lets you effortlessly handle MS project files, whether they are simple task lists or intricate projects. You can create and edit MS project files using the Document Object Model (DOM), a tree-like structure. This API supports connecting to a page, loading, modifying content, and performing various file operations.

The .NET Microsoft Project API is your tool for reading, modifying, navigating, and editing MS Project documents. Key functions include navigating documents using methods like element traversal, XPath queries, and CSS selector queries, along with tasks like removing and replacing data, merging project files, and other essential operations.


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