.NET Solution for PS, EPS, and XPS Formats

Load, merge, convert, and render XPS, PS, and EPS documents

Aspose.Page for .NET is a powerful API designed for the manipulation, conversion, and rendering of XPS, PS, and EPS files. This versatile solution supports various page description languages, offering a reliable and standalone platform for developers to create, modify, and convert documents. From loading and merging to signing XPS files, the API provides a range of features for streamlined document processing within Java applications.

Aspose.Page Plugins for .NET


PS Converter for .NET

Transform Adobe PostScript (PS) files into PDFs and common image formats (JPEG, TIFF, PNG) with a .NET plugin.


XPS Converter for .NET

A fast .NET plugin for converting XPS files to PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG formats.


Create vectors, group shapes, and define colors in different color spaces

Convert PS, XPS, and EPS files to PDF and raster images

Manage XPS files, including creation, editing, and manipulation of pages and elements

Work with multiple document elements within the same XPS package

Add and manipulate print tickets, handle XMP metadata

Manipulate document pages and elements


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