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Converting Scans and Photos to Text with Aspose.OCR API for .NET

Seamlessly integrate image recognition into your desktop or web application. Extract text from scans, screenshots, or smartphone photos with less than 10 lines of code.

Aspose.OCR is a powerful and accurate yet easy-to-use optical character recognition (OCR) API that allows you to add image recognition to any desktop or web application. It can extract text from scans, screenshots or even smartphone photos in the most popular formats in less than 10 lines of code without worrying about complicated math, machine learning, neural networks and other technical details.

Aspose.OCR High Code Plugins: Only $99 Each!


Image Text Finder for .NET

Search for text within images with this .NET OCR plug-in. Identify differences in image texts effortlessly, regardless of styles, resolution, font, format, or other factors.


Invoice to Text for .NET

Convert scanned or photographed invoices to text and send the results to accounting programs, databases or banks without manual re-typing. Reduce human error, improve security, and optimize invoice processing times.


Photo to Text for .NET

Extract text from photos taken with a camera or smartphone. Aspose.OCR's advanced pre-processing filters ensure accurate extraction from rotated, distorted, and noisy images without compromising recognition accuracy.


Scan to Text for .NET

Extract text from images with large amounts of structured text, such as scanned contracts, agreements, book pages, articles, newspapers, and more. Achieve accurate recognition, including multi-column layouts, with Aspose.OCR.


Scanned PDF to Text for .NET

Extract text from scanned PDFs or convert them into searchable documents. Read any layout and style, accurately define the structure of text and tables. Preserve original images in the background for content retention. Aspose.OCR - Your PDF text extraction solution for .NET.


Table to Text for .NET

Extract text from scanned or photographed tables. Accurately detect the structure of tables, extract text from cells, and organize it into searchable and editable spreadsheets. Aspose.OCR - Your solution for table text extraction in .NET.

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