High Code File Format Plugins

Cost-Effective API Plugins for Seamless File Format Handling, Barcode Operations, and OCR Capabilities

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Aspose.Words Plugin Family

Aspose.Words is a class library for document processing, enabling creation, editing, and conversion of Word, PDF, and web documents. It provides advanced features like conversion, merging, compression, comparison, editing, splitting, and report generation. This cross-platform solution enhances document processing in applications without relying on Microsoft Word.

Aspose.PDF Plugin Family

Aspose.PDF is a versatile PDF processing library, offering capabilities like form processing, metadata manipulation, and dynamic tasks such as splitting, merging, and converting to different formats like HTML and DOCX. With precise control over text alignment and formatting, it’s an ideal solution for detailed PDF content manipulation without relying on Adobe Acrobat.

Aspose.Cells Plugin Family

Aspose.Cells is a versatile Excel Spreadsheet Programming API that enables cross-platform development. It supports spreadsheet tasks such as generation, modification, conversion, and rendering. Key features include advanced formula calculations, Pivot Tables, and visualization options. It provides memory optimization, no reliance on Microsoft Excel, and offers robust solutions for data manipulation and chart creation in both web and desktop applications.

Aspose.Imaging Plugin Family

Aspose.Imaging provides powerful image processing tools for tasks like resizing, cropping, and advanced manipulations such as filters and background removal. With efficient memory optimization, drawing capabilities, and seamless export/conversion features.

Aspose.BarCode Plugin Family

Aspose.BarCode is a comprehensive API for generating and recognizing barcodes in various applications. It supports a wide range of barcode symbologies, including 1D (linear) barcodes, 2D barcodes (QR Code, DataMatrix, PDF417), postal barcodes, and many more. The API provides features for barcode generation, recognition, and customization. With Aspose.BarCode, developers can easily integrate barcode functionality into their applications for efficient and accurate barcode processing.

Aspose.Tasks Plugin Family

Aspose.Tasks is a powerful API for handling Microsoft Project files, offering features like creating, reading, writing, and manipulating projects. It supports various formats, including Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera, Excel, PDF, and images. The API facilitates tasks such as creating projects, modifying calendars, handling extended attributes, and exporting to different formats, making it a comprehensive solution for project management.

Aspose.OCR Plugin Family

Aspose.OCR is a simple, yet powerful OCR API that enables text extraction from images and PDFs with just a few lines of code. It supports various image formats, languages, and pre-processing filters for optimal recognition. The platform-independent API is easy to install, lightweight, and versatile.

Aspose.CAD Plugin Family

Aspose.CAD library can handle CAD and BIM files, supporting their conversion to PDF and raster images. It ensures multi-thread safety, offers advanced customization, and allows selective conversion of layouts and layers. The API supports various formats like DWG, DXF, DGN, and DWF.

Aspose.HTML Plugin Family

Aspose.HTML library helps in advanced HTML processing in cross-platform applications. It supports tasks like creating, editing, data extraction, merging, and conversion to various formats. With features like EPUB and MHTML support, along with rendering HTML Canvas to PDF, it’s a versatile solution for HTML-related tasks.

Aspose.ZIP Plugin Family

Aspose.ZIP API helps in compressing and archiving files as well as extracting archives from various formats, including ZIP, 7Zip, RAR, TAR, and more. It supports encryption, decryption, and manipulation of archives, providing an easy integration process for applications.

Aspose.Page Plugin Family

Aspose.Page provides an API for working with Page Description Languages (PDLs) like XPS, PostScript (PS), and Encapsulated PostScript (EPS). Developers can convert, load, and render these files, supporting operations such as page and element manipulation, vector graphics creation, and color space specification. The API enables the conversion of PS, XPS, and EPS files to PDF and raster images.

Aspose.PSD Plugin Family

Aspose.PSD handles PSD and AI files without Adobe dependencies. It facilitates creating, editing, and converting PSD and PSB files, supporting layer manipulation, watermarking, and format conversion. The API enables export to raster formats, layer access, and imaging filters for tasks like color adjustment.

Aspose.TeX Plugin Family

Aspose.TeX provides a flexible and user-friendly library for processing TeX and LaTeX files. It supports various output formats like XPS, PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, SVG, and BMP. With features such as loading and saving TeX files, customizing input/output, creating documents with LaTeX, and adjusting font settings, Aspose.TeX is a valuable tool for typesetting tasks.